From the moment we began working on our eighth-consecutive Emmy® campaign for world-renowned 20th Century Fox Television, we knew we would have to face this common challenge and welcomed it head-on. Drawing upon our deep understanding of the 20th Century Fox Television brand (TCFTV), developed over an extensive history of fruitful partnerships, we delivered a multidimensional, 360-degree campaign that raised the stakes of the 2017 awards season. We pride ourselves in the meaningful, lasting relationships we establish with our clients, and working on yet another Emmy campaign for TCFTV served as an excellent reminder of why this commitment is so integral to our continued evolution and success.

As infinitely curious innovators who also understand the crucial role of brand consistency, we are devoted to developing solutions that balance innovation with authenticity. 20th Century Fox Television is a name known around the world, and with that level of cultural significance comes a hefty expectation of familiarity. Of course awards organizations are notoriously steeped in tradition and armed with strict mandates that regulate the awards campaign materials. Lucky for our clients, we view every new challenge as an exciting opportunity for innovation.

Team members from many different departments traveled from every corner of our offices to begin crafting a campaign that would successfully balance the constraints of tradition with our passionate pursuit of paradigm-busting innovation. From our creative, structure, and pre-media departments to integrated marketing and fulfillment teams, everyone came together to produce and seamlessly execute a “best-in-class” FYC campaign that included a multi-title screener mailer, stunning print and digital ads executed at exactly the right times and places during each phase of the awards season, as well as a website tailored to suit the unique needs of Emmy voters and provide valuable viewing pattern data for our clients.


As infinitely curious innovators who also understand the crucial role of brand consistency, we are devoted to developing solutions that balance innovation with authenticity.



We began by designing an Emmy mailer and outer box that faithfully represented the TCFTV brand ethos while simultaneously highlighting the unique essence of each of the series being promoted. Although ATAS mailer regulations mandate specific size dimensions for the screeners, we harnessed our keen design capabilities and fervent creative savvy to ensure the artistic elements of the screeners reflected the unique essence of each series while maintaining a cohesive thread consistent with the 20th Century Fox Television brand. The result was a premium quality mailer with high-concept creative elements that reflected the quality of both the Fox brand and the properties contained within.

For the 2017 mailer we developed a striking new look. Mailers arrived in a convenient shipper box that opened to expose a sturdy, easy-to-open design substantial in size and shape. Upon opening, voters were greeted by an info card directing them to, where they could view the series in consideration online, creating even greater awareness for the TCFTV properties in a convenient package for voters.

To ensure coherent branding and aesthetic, we designed the FYC screening website to mirror the look of the mailer box. Whereas the mailer contained individual screeners for ten shows, the screening website contained episodes from all of the TCFTV series, which voters could view at their convenience. In short, the FYC mailer and website worked as reflexive partners in a continual pattern of influence.

For the 2017 campaign, we assigned each voter with their own unique viewing code to use on the website, which provided a means for tracking user life cycles and viewing patterns. In previous years, this innovative element has been an invaluable part of our service in the form of a post-mortem analytics deck that illustrated viewer behavior and revealed exactly how our campaign functioned to effectively promote the TCFTV brand and properties across multiple interconnected platforms.

To enhance the mailer and website components of the campaign, we also designed digital and print ads to appear in The Hollywood Reporter, Variety, Emmy Magazine, Awardsline, The Wrap and Gold Derby. Designed to ignite interest and awareness in shows such as Modern Family, Homeland, This is Us, and Feud: Bette and Joan, these ads also included a call to action directing voters to the screening site.