The Netflix original series Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt has been a Midnight Oil favorite since it first began streaming in 2015, so you can imagine how stoked we were to collaborate with Netflix in support of the show’s season two campaign. Our passion for the series, in combination with our deep understanding of its larger cultural significance, uniquely situated us to join forces with Netflix in spreading Kimmy’s intractably bright optimism to the rest of the world.

On-Air Payoff Spot



Having worked with Netflix in various capacities since 2014, we were excited to enter into a true creative partnership on the season two campaign for Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. United in our passion for the series and shared dedication to high-quality content, our teams hit the ground running to develop a 360-degree creative strategy conceived through a true melding of the minds.

To ensure each of the various moving parts of the strategy served to realize Netflix’s vision for the series, we worked hand in hand with the Netflix Originals Marketing Team throughout the entire process. This approach helped foster unique, brand specific creative concepts for on-air, print, out-of-home and digital, culminating in a campaign that typified the spirit of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt in all its satirical glory.

“Kimmyisms” deployed domestically and internationally, in extensive out-of-home and digital takeovers.


Even with its underlying seriousness—offering glimpses into the traumatic impact of Kimmy’s dark past—Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt manages never to take itself too seriously by operating under the title character’s unrelenting hope in humanity. Mirroring the surreal, “Kimmified” world of the series, the season two campaign spreads Kimmy’s bright, cheery and always optimistic approach to (a sometimes dark) life.

As the centerpiece for the campaign, Netflix and Midnight Oil partnered to produce a colorful on-air spot that follows Kimmy through the streets of New York as she literally brings color to an otherwise dreary landscape. An extension of the campaign also includes a series of “Kimmyisms” which leverages commonly used and known acronyms (for those not imprisoned in a bunker for 15 years) but with a Kimmy slant. Key Art (both print and motion) was seen all over the US, Canada & Australia, in extensive out-of-home and digital takeovers.

Key Art



Our passion for the show, coupled with our immersion into the culture and ability to identify with its audience, enabled us to define the right through-line and emotional benefit to implement a truly holistic campaign. Our two-fold approach of client service and creative, in combination with our in-depth research process, has been the unique differentiator.

This project marks a significant step in Midnight Oil’s continued growth and partnership with Netflix in a collaboration that is rooted in mutual respect for the ideas of all those involved. Our complimentary company cultures share a commitment to delivering diverse, high-concept creative that resonates with fans on an emotional level to ensure the right concept speaks to its intended audience at the right time for maximum brand impact.

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